Virtual DJ LE - Registering your License Code

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boxshot vdj pro 300dpiIf you have misplaced your Virtual DJ LE CD, then this guide is for you! It walks through the steps to create a Virtual DJ account and then register your license code to receive the latest version of the Virtual DJ LE software.


  1. Virtual DJ Registration
  2. Technical Support Information


Virtual DJ Registration

  1. Head to
  2. Go to Community > Create a login.


  3. Enter in your information

  4. Once you have created an account, and signed in, click on My Account towards the top of the page.


  5. Scroll down to the section that says Software Licenses. Enter your code into the field labeled Serial Number. Click Register.


  6. Towards the top of the page, click Download Center.


  7. Your product should now be listed. Click the download link for the appropriate version of Virtual DJ LE for your operating system.



NOTE: We suggest writing down your username and password for this website. In case you ever need your code again, or need to download an update in the future, you will need to log into this site to do so.


Technical Support Information

If you have misplaced your Virtual DJ license code, or need further assistance, Numark's technical support team is available to help! You can use the below link for contacting support.


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