Windows 7 - Troubleshooting USB Power Saving Features

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other class compliant usb iconMany computers running the Windows 7 operating system have power saving features which may attempt to disable the computer's USB ports. For those connecting USB audio and MIDI devices, this can mean pops/clicks/glitches that randomly occur in the audio, or a sudden loss of connection all together. This article walks through steps to minimize the possibility of these symptoms.


  1. From the Start Menu, open the Control Panel

    other usb selective suspend 1      

  2. Select Hardware and Sound.

    other usb selective suspend 2

  3. Select Power Options.

    other usb selective suspend 3

  4. Select Change plan settings.

    other usb selective suspend 4

  5. Select Change advanced power settings

    other usb selective suspend 5

    Note: Changing the Put the computer to sleep option to Never as shown above may also help to alleviate USB disconnection issues.

  6. In the Power Options window, scroll down to USB Settings. Click the + button to drop down the USB selective suspend setting. Change this setting to Disabled. Click OK or Apply to save this. 

    other usb selective suspend 6

That's it! This will prevent your computer from disabling or power cycle USB ports, which can potentially interrupt your music playback or recording unexpectedly. 


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