Akai Professional BT500 - Frequently Asked Questions

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akai bt500 mainThe Akai Pro BT500 belt-drive turntable is an exquisitely crafted, premium performance turntable that extracts every musical detail and subtle nuance from your beloved record collection. This article walks through a number of frequently asked questions about the Akai Pro BT500.


Frequently Asked Questions 


What kind of speakers can I use with this BT500? 

The BT500 can stream to most Bluetooth speakers. If you have a Bluetooth speaker that you already use with your mobile device, tablet, or computer, you can now also stream your vinyl using the BT500. 


How do I connect this BT500 to a bluetooth device? 

BT-500 has a Bluetooth transmitter to send audio to a Bluetooth speaker wirelessly.  To do so:

  1. Power on your Bluetooth speaker and ensure it is in pairing mode.

  2. Power on the BT-500 turntable.

  3. Press and release the Bluetooth button on BT-500 to start pairing to your Bluetooth device. Once BT-500 is connected to the Bluetooth speaker, the Bluetooth LED will be solid blue. Your Bluetooth speaker should also indicate that it is paired.

    : BT-500 will connect to the closest Bluetooth speaker that is near it. If after 5 minutes no Bluetooth speaker can be found to pair with, the Bluetooth transmitter will become inactive and the LED will turn off.

    : Maximum range will be achieved when using devices with Bluetooth 4.0 or higher.

  4. Play music on your BT-500 turntable. If you are connected to a Bluetooth speaker with a play/pause button, and do not hear audio, try pressing the play/pause button.

  5. Adjust the volume on your Bluetooth speaker (if applicable) and the volume control on BT-500 to control the output level.

  6. To disconnect pairing, power off the BT-500 turntable or turn of Bluetooth pairing on your Bluetooth speaker.

    : Move other Bluetooth receivers/speakers out of range of BT-500 (30’/9.1m or more) or turn them off to connect to your Bluetooth speaker.


What is the AUX input for? 

The BT500 has an auxiliary input which can be used to connect a CD player, digital media player, or other audio source via a 1/8" stereo aux cable. The audio from the Aux input is also transmitted over Bluetooth.


Is there any Phono input on this unit? 

Yes! The BT500 has a built-in switchable pre-amplified phono input.


What does the Preamp On/Off function do? 

If your receiver or amplifier has no phono inputs, switch on the pre-amp. If the system you are using has phono inputs, set this switch off.


How do I record my records to the computer? 

To record music to your computer, you can use EZ Vinyl/Tape Converter and a USB cable.

EZ Vinyl/TapeConverter conveniently saves your recordings to your computer. After you finish converting your vinyl, you can then burn to CD or load onto portable media devices.

  1. With EZ Vinyl/Tape Converter installed on your computer, use the included USB cable to connect BT-500's USB port to an available USB port on your computer.

  2. On your computer, open EZ Vinyl/Tape Converter by going to Start Menu, All Programs (Windows) or the Applications menu (Mac).

  3. Follow the on-screen instructions to setup your recording. When prompted to play your music, move BT-500's tonearm on the record to start playback.

    Note: To listen to a record while it’s playing, listen through your computer's speakers, or connect BT-500's RCA outputs to a stereo system or powered speakers.

  4. When you have finished recording, raise BT-500's tonearm from the record and return it to the arm clip.


I am connected to a Bluetooth speaker but do not hear any audio. What do I do? 

  1. If you are connected to a Bluetooth speaker with a play/pause button, and do not hear audio, try pressing the Play/Pause button.

  2. If that does not fix your symptoms, press and release BT-500’s Bluetooth button to disconnect it from the Bluetooth speaker, and then press it once more to try pairing it again.

  3. Finally, power cycle the BT-500, then press the Bluetooth button to try pairing it again.


Can I move the Tonearm myself? 

On the BT500, the tonearm can be raised and lowered by hand, or by using the raise / lower lever.


What kind of records can I use with the BT500? 

The BT500 is a 2-speed (33 1/3 RPM and 45 RPM) Belt Drive Turntable. There is a 45 RPM adapter included in the box with the BT500. 


Is the belt on the BT500 user replaceable?

Yes! You can easily take out the old belt and put in a new replacement belt. Check out this guide here on how to do that: Belt Replacement Guide


What is a "Bubble Level" on the BT500? 

The Bubble Level on the BT500 is located under the platter it is used to ensure the turntable is on a level surface. For example, if the turntable leans to the right and the bubble is located to the left, raise the turntable’s left feet until the bubble level stays in the center by turning the screws on the left feet.


My record is not playing at the correct speed; its pitch is too high or too low? 

If this ever happens, ensure the 33 / 45 switch is set to the correct speed for your record.


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