Akai Pro EIE and EIE Pro - Setup in Cubase

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akai eie eiepro main3Containing 4 routable inputs and outputs, the EIE and EIE Pro expand on thestereo inputs and outputs normally found on computer sound cards, and external audio interfaces. This 'how to' guide will walk you setting up all inputs and outputs for use in Cubase.




EIE & EIE Pro Audio Setup

  1. Connect the EIE or EIE Pro to a USB Port and Power On.

  2. If you have EIE, audio drivers in your Mac or PC will automatically install. If you have an EIE Pro, install the drivers for the device from the included installation disk, or from a download link on the product's page online.

  3. Start Cubase.

  4. Navigate to Devices menu and select Device Setup…

    Setup 1

  5. In Device Setup, select VST Audio System from the Devices list. 

    Setup 2

  6. On a Mac, select the ASIO Driver dropdown menu, select EIE or EIE Pro, and select Apply

  7. On a PC, using the EIE select ASIO4ALL, and select Apply. Using an EIE Pro select EIE Pro, and Apply.

    Setup 3

  8. On a Mac, select EIE or EIE Pro from the Devices List.

  9. On a PC, using the EIE, select ASIO4ALL. Using the EIE Pro, Select EIE Pro.

    Setup 4

  10. On a Mac, select Control Panel, and an appropriate buffer size.

  11. On a PC, using an EIE, turn on the EIE from the ASIO4ALL panel. Using the EIE Pro, set an appropriate buffer size.

  12. If you're not sure which buffer size to select, 512 is a good place to start. Lower settings provide less audio latency, but will use more computer resources. Higher settings introduce more audio latency, but free up computer resources.

    Setup 5 Mac EIE Pro CP

  13. Select OK, and restart Cubase as audio device settings are not always active until the DAW is reset.

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EIE & EIE Pro Input & Output Settings

  1. Navigate to Devices menu and select VST Connections

     Setup 6

  2. By default, Cubase has setup a stereo Input and Output pair to be used with Audio Tracks. Now we will insert 1 additional stereo, and 4 mono, input and output tracks.

  3. In VST Connections select Inputs.

    Setup 7.1

  4. Select Add BusStereo1, and OK.

    Setup 8

  5. You will now notice that the text under Device Ports will reflect the additional inputs. If not, select the text of an input found in Device Port, and select an available input.

    Setup 9

  6. Select Add BusMono4, and OK. Note that you will again be setting the appropriate inputs from the Device Port column.

    Setup 10

  7. Select the Outputs tab, and repeat steps 4 - 6.

    Setup 11

  8. Close the window for VST Connections.

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Cubase Track Settings for Inputs & Outputs

  1. Select ProjectAdd TrackAudio. Feel free to add Mono or Stereo tracks in any amount.

    Setup 12

  2. With the track/s added to your project, you can now select the tracks preferences for inputs and outputs to include our newly set inputs and outputs

    Setup 13

Akai Pro Technical Support & Warranty Service

Whether you are a customer or dealer, if you already own an Akai Pro product, or if you just have pre-sales questions, the Akai Pro technical support team is available to help!
Visit the link below to connect with any of the following support options: online community support, phone support, email support.

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