AKAI Pro MAX49 - Setup for Logic Pro X

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MAX49The MAX49 with Apple's Logic Pro X is a powerful and flexible production system. This guide covers the sync and transport settings as well as manually mapping the MAX49's touch faders to various controls in Logic Pro X.



MAX49 Hardware Settings

  1. Connect the Akai MAX49 via USB cable directly to the computer.
  2. Choose the Logic preset on the MAX49.  To do so:
    1. Press the PROGRAM button
    2. Turn the VALUE DIAL until the screen shows 7 Logic.
    3. Press in the VALUE DIAL (PUSH TO ENTER button) to load the Logic program.
  3. Press the GLOBAL button. Using the cursor arrows (below the value dial), move to the right until you reach the Clock Source page.
  4. Using the VALUE DIAL, change this parameter to EXTERNAL. Press in the VALUE DIAL to save this selection (EXTERNAL will continue to flash).
  5. Press the PROGRAM button to return to the main menu.


Logic Pro X Sync and Transport Settings

  1. Open Logic Pro X and create a new session.
  2. From the top bar, click the Project Settings button and select Synchronization.

    akai mpdmpk logicx setup1

  3. In the Syncronization window, select the MIDI tab.
  4. In the MIDI Clock section, check the Destination 1 box and, in the drop down menu below, select MAX49 Port 1. In the MIDI Machine Control (MMC) section, check the Listen to MMC Input box.

MAX49 LogicX setup1.png


Logic Pro X Controller Assignments

  1. From the top bar, select Logic Pro X > Control Surfaces > Controller Assignments. This menu allows you to map the touch faders of your MAX49 to continuous controls in Logic Pro X like volume, pan, as well as any parameter in Logic Pro X's effects and instruments. Many 3rd party effects and instruments will also work in this same way.

    maudio axiom air logicxsetup accessctrlassignmenu

  2. In the Controller Assignments window, click the Learn Mode button at the bottom right corner so it is highlighted in blue.

    akai mpdmpk logicx setup5

  3. While Learn Mode is active, click and move any parameter in Logic Pro X you want to control such as the channel strip controls (volume, pan). You will see the Control and Parameter columns change.

    akai mpdmpk logicx setup7

  4. Next, move the MAX49 touch fader you want to assign to that control. The parameter should begin to move/respond to the control immediately. You will see the Control and Parameter columns change to reflect which control has been learned.

    akai mpdmpk logicx setup8

  5. Repeat these steps for any other type of parameter you want to map. When you are finished, make sure to click Learn Mode again (so it is no longer highlighted).

NOTE: Logic Pro X stores these controller assignments globally. If you close and re-open the software or start a new project, your controller assignments will always remain. 

Technical Support & Warranty Service

Each product has a dedicated support page on the website where you can find manuals, specifications, software updates, drivers and troubleshooting guides: www.akaipro.com

Visit the link below to connect with any of the following support options: online community support, phone support, email support.



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