Akai Pro MPD Series - Using the Vyzex Preset Editor

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akai mpd series mainThe Akai MPD series preset settings can be adjusted and changed in a nearly infinite amount of ways by using the Vyzex editing software, which can be downloaded from the MPD product page.  By default, the pad banks overlap on most presets.  This guide walks through how to use the Vyzex editing software to change an existing preset or create a brand new one with four independent, non-overlapping pad banks.


First, ensure that your MPD is connected directly to your compatible computer and powered on.  Then visit your MPD product page and choose the Docs & Downloads tab.  Within the Docs & Downloads section, find the Vyzex Editor or Preset Editor for your operating system and then download and install it to your computer.

Once the Vyzex Editor software is installed on your computer, follow the steps suggested below to create a preset with four independent, non-overlapping pad banks.


  1. Ensure that the Akai MPD is connected via a USB cable directly to your computer and powered on.  Open the Vyzex editing software.

    akai mpd vyzex padbanks 2

  2. Once the program has completely opened, choose MIDI > MIDI In Ports..., choose the Akai MPD in the window that opens, and then press OK.

    akai mpd vyzex padbanks 2-5     akai mpd vyzex padbanks 3

  3. Now choose MIDI > MIDI Out Ports..., choose the Akai MPD in the window that opens, and then press OK.

    akai mpd vyzex padbanks 2-6     akai mpd vyzex padbanks 4

  4. Next, click on the PAD BANK A button in the Vyzex editor software, and then click on the PRESET button.

    akai mpd vyzex padbanks 5     akai mpd vyzex padbanks 6

  5. Choose the Preset that you want to change.  In the example below, we have chosen Preset 17 Generic.

    At this point, be sure to physically change the preset on the controller as well, to the preset that you want to adjust.  This is very important or you you may accidentally save your new preset settings to the incorrect preset location on the controller later.

    akai mpd vyzex padbanks 7

  6. Now, notice that PADs 13 - 16 in PAD BANK A are set to NOTES 48 - 51 (C2, C#2, D2, D#2).

    akai mpd vyzex padbanks 8

    Click on PAD BANK B.  Notice that PADs 1 - 4 are set to the exact same NOTES (48 - 51).

    akai mpd vyzex padbanks 9     akai mpd vyzex padbanks 10

  7. Click and drag on PAD 1 in PAD BANK B toward the right.  You will notice the NOTE value increase as you drag.  Set it to the value of choice.  For the purposes of this tutorial, set it to NOTE 52 (E 2), since that is the next numerical value following PAD 16 in PAD BANK A.

    Continue by changing each following PAD to one numerical NOTE value higher than the previous PAD.  Do this for the rest of PAD BANK B, PAD BANK C, and PAD BANK D.

    Once you have completed this, you will have mapped each PAD from PAD 1 on PAD BANK A to PAD 16 in PAD BANK D to different, ever increasing NOTE values.  This mapping now includes four increasing, independent, and non-overlapping PAD BANKS. 

  8. To upload the new preset settings to the MPD, first let's rename the preset.  In the Vyzex editing software, click on the word Generic.  This will open a window which will allow for the name to be changed.  Once you rename the preset, choose OK.

    akai mpd vyzex padbanks 11     akai mpd vyzex padbanks 12

  9. Now let's save the new preset to your MPD.  Click on the DATA button in the Vyzex editing software.

    akai mpd vyzex padbanks 13

  10. Make sure the preset location you want to save the new preset to is chosen on the MPD itself and then choose the PUT CURRENT PRESET option in the Vyzex software to load your newly created settings to the MPD.  Once this is complete, power cycle the MPD and it will be ready to go!

    akai mpd vyzex padbanks 14

  11. Finally, save your settings to a file on your computer in case you ever need to re-load them in the future.  To do this, choose File > Save Set As..., and then name the file and save it to a location on your computer.

    Remember, this file contains all of the information from all of the presets, so if you re-load it, it will load all of the settings for all of the presets that have been saved.

And that's it!  Enjoy!


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