Akai Pro MPK Mini - Using the Preset Editor

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akai mpkmini mainThe Akai MPK Mini allows for more advanced Preset editing, opening up the ability to change the way the controller interacts with your virtual instrument or DAW.  This guide walks through the basics of the installation of the preset editing software as well as how to change and upload those changes back to the controller.


  1. First, download and install the Preset Editor onto your computer.  This can be found in the Docs and Downloads section of the Akai MPK Mini product page under the Software and Drivers section.  

    Step 1

  2. Once the Preset Editor is downloaded and installed on your computer, before opening the program, connect your Akai MPK Mini to your computer via USB connection.

  3. Now, open the Preset Editor software.  It will prompt you to select your MPK Mini as the USB device.  Choose the Akai MPK Mini from the drop-down list and then press Done.

    Step 3

  4. At this point, you can make changes to any of the presets currently stored in the MPK Mini.  For example, click on Preset 1, 2, 3, or 4.  You will notice that by clicking on each Preset button, most of the settings change values.  You can also individually change the note values, CC values, and even the type of signal that is sent by individual pads - among many other settings. 

    Step 4a

    * For more in-depth information on the individual settings, see the Akai MPK Mini Quick Start Guide which can be located at the Akai MPK Mini product page under Documents and Downloads.

    Step 4b

  5. Once you have adjusted the settings of your choice, simply choose Upload.  A window will appear that says "Upload Successful".  Choose OK.

    Step 5a


Congratulations!  You have just changed the settings of one of your presets and uploaded it to your MPK Mini!  You can now use the controller in your DAW of choice and your changes will be in effect!  Enjoy!

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