Akai Pro iMPC App - Copy a Sequence to Another App

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akai impc faqiMPC 101: Using AudioCopy to copy a Sequence to another App

This quick tutorial will show you how to utilize AudioCopy to copy an iMPC sequence into another App that supports AudioPaste. 

  1. First make sure your app supports AudioCopy, and AudioPaste. Click here for a complete list of compatible apps.
  2. Open ithe iMPC App.
  3. Create your sequence.
  4. Click Share Sequence at the top of the iMPC software.
  5. If you do not wish to upload to SoundCloud, click Cancel.
  6. Click the small clipboard icon in the top right corner of the Success! window.


  7. Click Copy Audio to copy to the clipboard.


  8. You can now paste to a compatible App in the list, or click Done. Then open your AudioPaste compatible app you wish to paste to and paste the sequence.  


For further instruction on pasting into your specific App please refer to the Applications manual.



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