Akai Pro MPC Fly - Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently Asked Questions


What iPad models are supported? Will the MPC Fly 30 support both 30-pin, and lightning versions of the iPad?

The MPC Fly 30 supports iPad 2 and iPad 3rd Generation. Akai Professional plans to release a lightning-connector-compatible MPC Fly version in the near future.


Will the MPC Fly work with Android, or other tablet devices?

No. The MPC Fly will work with supported Apple iPad models only.


Does the MPC Fly charge the iPad while plugged in?

Yes. The included power supply charges the iPad, and the MPC Fly while plugged in.


Is there a sled or a molding for iPad Mini?

No. The MPC Fly is not compatible with the iPad Mini.


How long will the MPC Fly battery last on a full charge?

The MPC Fly will last up to 8 hours on a full charge.


Is the battery user replaceable?

No. The Lithium-ion battery is not user replaceable. Lithium-ion batteries have a very long life expectancy. 


How can I tell how much battery life is remaining on the MPC Fly?

To check the remaining battery life of the MPC Fly hold down the power button for a couple seconds, you will see pads 1, 5, 9, 13 illuminate indicating the remaining battery power. Each pad represents 25% of the total battery life. The Green LED = the pad is 25% if full, Yellow LED = low battery level, while Red LED = is a very low battery level. Example if you had 85% of your battery life remaining you would have 3 Green LED pads, and 1 pad illuminated in Yellow. 


Does the MPC Fly add or unlock any features in the iMPC app that aren't available without the hardware?

Yes. Connecting the MPC Fly to your iPad with iMPC App installed adds note repeat with after touch, and adds 16 velocity sensitive pads that are not available in the app itself.


My iPad feels loose inside the MPC Fly shell. How can I fix this?

iPad 2 users are encouraged to use the included felt strips for a tight and secure fit.



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