Akai Pro MPC Renaissance - Chopping Drum Loops

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akai mpcren mainHave you ever used a drum loop in your project, but wanted a way to easily transform that repetitive beat into interesting drum fills, transitions and alternate patterns?  With the MPC software, you have the ability to chop any pre-recorded audio loop into individual hits quickly and easily.  This powerful feature allows for the ability to extract 'slices' from a pre-recorded loop in order to transform or build upon a beat with very little effort.  Check out the article below to find out how!



Chopping Drum Loops

  1. Connect the MPC to the computer, power it on, and open the MPC Renaissance software.

  2. On the MPC itself, press the BROWSER button to access the file browser pane.  Then press the SAMPLE button and use the CURSOR buttons to locate your loop library.

  3. Press AUTO [F2] to automatically preview each selected loop.

  4. Use the DATA dial or CURSOR buttons to locate the drum loop you would like to chop up.

  5. Hit PAD 1 and the pad will light up green.  Then press LOAD [F6] to load the loop to that pad.  You have now loaded the entire loop to pad 1 in the current program.

  6. Press the SAMPLE EDIT button to enter the sample edit mode.

  7. Next, press the CHOP [F1] button.  This will add slices to the drum loop.

    akai mpc ren chopping loops 1

  8. Use the CURSOR buttons to navigate to the THRESHOLD parameter and adjust the threshold setting with the DATA dial until each transient peak in the loop has a corresponding slice line.


  9. Now press the AUDITION [F4] button.  The MPC software will then consecutively assign each drum slice to individual pads, in consecutive order, for playback.  Try the pads and adjust the threshold until you are satisfied.

  10. Once you are happy with the individual sounds across the pads and you want to keep the changes, choose the CONVERT [F5] button.

  11. On the Convert Slices screen, choose the settings you want.  For the purposes of this article, choose the following:

    Convert to: Sliced Samples
    Crop Samples: On
    Create New Program: On
    Create Events: Off



  1. Choose the MAIN button on your MPC Renaissance.  Using the CURSOR buttons, navigate to the Pgm: parameter at the bottom left of the screen.  Turn the DATA dial to find and select the new program that was created.  Press the pads and you will notice that each individual slice from the drum loop is now assigned to your individual pads.  Enjoy!




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