Akai Pro MPC Renaissance- Using as a Plugin With Sonar X2

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akai mpc all main blackThe MPC Renaissance software can be used as a plugin within many DAWs allowing for greatly expanded creative options. This guide walks through setting up MPC Renaissance as a Plugin in Sonar X2.


Adding the MPC plugin to SONAR X2

  1. Make sure that the VST Plugin folder has been added to the VST folder location in Sonar.
    To do this, go to Preferences > VST Settings

    ScreenShot001 2

  2. Next, choose Add... to browse to the Plugin folder location.

    ScreenShot002 2

  3. Now, add the plugin to SONAR.  To do this, select the folder of the MPC plugin which is located by default in C:/VST Plugins/Akai. Press OK.

    ScreenShot003 2

  4. Now that the folder has been added to the VST section of Sonar, it should appear when you create a Soft Synth Track.
    To creat SoftSynth track, from the main SONAR screen, go to Insert > Soft Synth > VST Plugins > MPC.


  5. Once you have created the MPC Soft Synth Track, to access the MPC interface, click on the Piano Icon.



You can now use the MPC software as a plugin in SONAR X2!  Enjoy!



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