Akai Pro MPC5000 - Huge Chorus and Stereo Effects

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akai mpc5000 mainFrequency Shifter is an effect that has been around for a long time, but fell out of favor in the late 1970s. Today, producers are rediscovering this effect that does NOT do what its name implies. A frequency shifter does not function as a pitch shifter; it creates a harmonic shift. In small does, using frequency shifter can sound like a nice stereo chorus. In larger amounts, the effect takes on more of a ring modulator character. This tip will enable you to use frequency shifter as a stereo chorus that will make whatever you put into it sound huge!


  1. Load a factory-preset VA Synth program. Choose one of the pads, poly-synths, or a lead sound.

  2. Go to the MAIN page and choose the Bright String preset program. Play the sound and listen to it carefully.

  3. Press MODE + MIX.

  4. Set the Send to effects 1 to max. Press F6 (go to FX).

  5. Move the cursor to the DIRECT:ON parameter and set it to OFF. This will make effects bus 1 function as an insert instead of a send.

  6. Go to the first effects slot and select FREQUENCY SHIFTER.

  7. Press WINDOW and check that your effect has been applied.

  8. The sound already has a much bigger feel.

  9. Adjust the frequency parameter using Q-Link Q10, setting the value to about 67.

  10. Now you have a very large stereo sound that doesn't sound like a standard chorus effect.

  11. Change the frequency parameter to a higher value and listen to effect you get.

  12. Play with the pan controls and the A Gain/B Gain controls to hear some of the other possibilities of Frequency Shift. Process some beats as well as vocals to hear the effect you get.



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