Alto Pro Bluetooth Total - Frequently Asked Questions

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Alto TotalBluetooth FAQ MainPictureBluetooth Total is an XLR-equipped rechargeable Bluetooth® receiver that streams audio wirelessly to mixers or powered loudspeakers. With Bluetooth Total, you can convert hard-wired mixers or powered loudspeakers into wireless devices, free from restrictive, messy connection cables. This guide will go over the most frequently asked questions regarding the Bluetooth Total.


Frequently Asked Questions



What is included with the Bluetooth Total?

 Included in the box are one Bluetooth Total unit, a mini-USB charging cable, and a user guide. 


What is the battery life of the Bluetooth Total?

When fully charged, the Bluetooth Total has 6 hours of battery life. For a full charge, the unit should be connected for 3-4 hours. You may charge the unit with either a USB power adapter (sold separately) connected to an outlet or to your computer's USB port while it is powered on. 


How can I tell how much battery life is left?

 There are different indications of battery life depending on the state of the Bluetooth Total. I'll go over all three below.

  1. When ON and battery is not charging:

    • 20–100% = Green LED lit solid

    • 10–20% = Green and Amber LEDs are lit solid.

    • 0–10% = Green and Red LEDs are lit solid.

    • Power Standby Mode = Green LED off. Red LED flashes once every 10

  2. When ON and battery is charging:

    • Power Standby Mode = Green LED off. Red LED flashes once every 10

    • 5–80% Charged = Green LED is on. Amber LED flashes slowly.

    • 80–95% Charged = Green LED flashes slowly, Amber LED is off.

    • >95% Charged = Green LED is lit solid.

  3. When OFF and charging

    • Power Standby Mode = Green LED off. Red LED flashes once every 10

    • 5%–80% Charged = Amber LED flashes slowly.

    • 80%–95% Charged = Green LED flashes slowly.

    • >95% Charged = Green LED lit solid.


How do I pair the Bluetooth Total to a loudspeaker or mixer?

 Pairing your Bluetooth Total to your loudspeaker or mixer is a quick and easy process. I'll list the steps below:

  1. Power on your Bluetooth device.

  2. Power on Bluetooth Total. 

  3. Press and release the Pair button on the Bluetooth Total. A pairing tone will sound every few second while Bluetooth Total waits for a successful pairing.  

    Please note: Before pairing, turn off Wi-Fi on your device and turn off any audio playback.

  4. Navigate to your Bluetooth device’s setup screen, find Bluetooth Total and connect.

  5. When paired successfully, a confirmation tone will sound and the blue Pair LED will illuminate solid.

    Please note: If your Bluetooth device prompts for a pairing code, enter "0000".

  6. Plug the Bluetooth Total into your loudspeaker input or mixer channel input.

  7. Adjust the volume on your Bluetooth device.


Can I link two Bluetooth Total units for stereo playback?

 Absolutely! Pair two Bluetooth Total units for true stereo playback. I'll list the steps below:

  1. Follow steps 1-6 in the Pairing a Single Bluetooth Total section.

  2. Press and release the Stereo-Link button on each unit.

  3. Both Stereo-Link LEDs will blink and a linking tone will sound while each Bluetooth Total searches for the other.

  4. When they are successfully linked, each Bluetooth Total will produce a confirmation tone and the Stereo-Link LEDs on both units will be lit solid.


Why am I only hearing half of my audio signal?

  • When wirelessly connected to a single loudspeaker, you will only hear half of the stereo audio signal. In order to hear the full, summed signal, consult your device's documentation to see how to set your audio output to mono.

  • When wirelessly connected to two loudspeakers or mixer channels, each speaker or channel will receive half of the stereo audio signal. For mono PA applications, consult your device's documentation to see how to set your audio output to mono.


How do I erase previous pairing settings?

  1.  For a single Bluetooth Total:

    • Press and hold the Pair button for 3 seconds. A confirmation tone will sound, indicating that pairing settings have been erased. You can now pair to a new device.

  2. For two stereo-linked Bluetooth Total units:

    • To erase linking settings on the linked unit, press and hold the Stereo-Link button for 3 seconds. A confirmation tone will sound, indicating that linking settings have been erased.

    • To erase linking settings on both units, press and hold the Stereo-Link button on the master unit for 3 seconds. A confirmation tone will sound, indicating that linking settings have been erased.


How will the Bluetooth Total behave if power is lost or the device becomes disconnected?

If the Bluetooth Total is suddenly disconnected during audio playback, playback will stop. Your Bluetooth device (phone, tablet, etc.) will not need to be paired to the Bluetooth Total again but it will need to be reconnected. Simply access your device's Bluetooth menu and select the Bluetooth Total to reconnect.


Further Technical Support 

Whether you are a customer or dealer, if you already own an Alto Professional product, or if you have pre-sales or parts questions, the Alto Professional technical support team is available to help!

Each product has a dedicated support page on the website where you can find manuals, specifications, software updates, drivers and troubleshooting guides:

Visit the link below to connect with any of the following support options: online community support, phone support, email support. 


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