Denon Pro Split Mix 6 - Frequently Asked Questions

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SplitMix frontThe Split Mix 6 is a versatile, one-rack space routing device that can be utilized as a 6-channel mixer - or a splitter with up to 8 outputs. This handy routing tool can be useful in virtually any studio, stage, broadcast or installment setup.  This article walks through a number of  frequently asked questions about it's features and functionality.


Frequently Asked Questions



How can I use the Split Mix 6 as a splitter?

To use the Split Mix 6 to split a signal, simply disengage the Splitter/Mixer switch on the designated output channel. This will send the signal from the Main input, out the XLR or TRS output port for the designated channel. 

How can I use the Split Mix 6 as a mixer?

To use the Split Mix 6 as a mixer, simply engage the Splitter/Mixer switch on the designated channel. All input channels with the Splitter/Mixer switch engaged will be combined and sent to the Main Output. 


Can I use both split and mix functions simultaneously?

Yes, it is possible to use some channels for mixing and others for splitting, though each channel will need to be designated to a single function at a time. For instance, one may use the a few channels to split a music signal to several outputs  while using the remaining channels to mix together microphone signals from different locations to playback through the main output. 


Can I use the individual channel outputs when the channel is in mixer mode?

Yes, when a channel is set to mixer mode, the input will be routed back to it's output for a separate direct mono output. This will be post-level adjustments made with the channel level knob on the front.


Can the Split Mix 6 be mounted to a rack?

For secure mounting, use a universal rack shelf available from various rack manufacturers or your local musical instrument dealer. Split Mix 6 fits into a standard 19" (483 mm) rack. Please allow at least an additional 4" (102 mm) depth for the connectors on the rear panel. Be sure there is enough space around the unit for sufficient ventilation. Do not place Split Mix 6 on high temperature devices (such as power amplifiers) to avoid overheating.


Are the inputs and outputs of the Split Mix 6 balanced or unbalanced?

All inputs and the outputs, both TRS and XLR, are balanced, though can be used with unbalanced cables if necessary. Refer to the User Manual for wiring diagrams if wiring your own cables:

audio cable example

Can I use the Split Mix 6 to route microphone signals?

The Split Mix 6 is designed for line level signals, though can be used to route microphone signals if properly amplified first with a preamp or mixer. Please note: the Split Mix 6 will not provide phantom power. It is also recommended not to send phantom power through the Split Mix 6 to avoid accidentally sending phantom power to the wrong devices. 


 What is the function of the Main Link button on the Split Mix 6?

The Main Link button will allow the Main input to be routed directly back to the Main output channel. 


What is the Max input signal and the output signal of the Split mix 6?

  • Input signal: +21 dBu balanced and unbalanced
  • Output signal: +22 dBu balanced and unbalanced

What is the Dimensions and weight of the Split Mix 6?

  • 7.54” x 1.7” x 19” 195 mm x 44 mm x 483 mm (length x width x depth)
  • 5.73 lbs.


Further Technical Support 

Whether you are a customer or dealer, if you already own a Denon Professional product, or if you just have pre-sales questions, the Denon Professional technical support team is available to help!

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