Denon Pro DN-108LF Subwoofer - Frequently Asked Questions

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DN 108LF MainThe Denon Professional DN-108LF ceiling subwoofer is designed to deliver exceptionally accurate, articulate sound while easily meeting commercial requirements for fire-resistance and suitability for multiple unit installations. This article walks through a number of frequently asked questions about the Denon Professional DN-108LF ceiling subwoofer.


Frequently Asked Questions



What are the main features of the DN-108LF speakers?

The DN-108LF ceiling subwoofer has a number of great features, including:

  • A metal rear enclosures that meet commercial fire codes
  • 70/100V transformers for multi-unit installations
  • Include mounting brackets
  • 4-pin Euroblock connection
  • Power Handling: 80W continuous (160W peak)


What is the size of the woofer?

The woofer is 8” / 210 mm diameter. 


Can I setup the DN-108LF outside?

The DN-108LF subwoofer speaker is intended for indoor use only.


What are the dimensions of the DN-108LF?

Please see below for the DN-108LF dimensions.

  • Cut-out Hole Diameter: 10.75" (273mm)
  • In-ceiling Clearance: 8.75" (222mm)
  • Weight: 13.9 lbs. (6.3kg)

Note: A clearance of 8.7” (222 mm) above the lower face of the ceiling is required. The cutout diameter is 10.7” (273 mm)


Does the DN-108LF come in different colors?

No, the DN-108LF does not come in different colors but the grill and frame can be painted to match your walls or ceiling, making the speaker less noticeable.


What is the frequency response for the DN-108LF?

The frequency response for the DN-108LF is 53 - 2.3kHz.


Does this speaker require a break-in period before they can be operated at maximum volume?

Yes. The break-in period is between 50-80 hours playing normal music at moderate volume levels. It will take somewhat longer in a cold or dry environment and a little less time in a warm or humid environment.

Note: The break-in period does not have to be continuous.


Why should I break-in my speakers before operating it at maximum volume?

It is important to break-in your speakers as they will produce richer sounding lows, warmer and smoother sounding mids, and cleaner highs. 


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