Denon Pro DN-500BD - Frequently Asked Questions

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denon pro dn500bd mainThe Denon Professional DN-500BD Blu-ray disc player is a compact, high-performance unit that handles all popular optical video playback formats for unrivaled capability from a single disc playback device.


Frequently Asked Questions


What formats will the DN-500BD play?

The Denon Professional DN-500BD will play virtually every Blu-ray, DVD, and audio CD format, making it easy to utilize multiple disc formats within a system. Supported formats include: 

  • Supported video file formats .3gp, .asf, .avi, .dat, .divx, .mkv, .mov, .mp4, .mpg, .m2ts, .ogm, .rmvb, .tp, .ts, .wmv
  • Subtitle formats (for video) .ass, .smi, .srt, .ssa, .sub Supported audio file formats .ape, .flac, .m4a (AAC), .mp3, .wav
  • Supported picture file formats .gif, .jpg (or .jpeg), .png


Are the rack ears removable?

Yes, that rack ears on the DN-500BD are removable if you wish to not use them. 


Is the DN-500BD 3D compatible?  

 Yes, the DN-500BD is 3D compatible. 


What does the Hide On Screen Display (OSD) feature do?

The OSD feature bypasses the Denon Professional home screen that is displayed on the connected television. 

When the DN-500BD is powered on, a three-option home menu appears on the connected television screen.  The Hide OSD feature removes those three options from the television home screen so that the user sees ‘Denon Professional’ only at startup.  This feature is typically used as a type of kiosk mode to allow users to play disks (using the remote or front-panel play button), while preventing access to all of the menus. Note: the Hide OSD feature does not turn off, or affect the operation DN-500BD’s front-panel display.  

Combined with the Lock and IR Lock features, the DN-500BD offers a number of options to create a guided access experience for users.


What is the LAN connection for on the DN-500BD?

The network connection on the DN-500BD is for controlling the product remotely with the network connection through serial protocol and IP communication.  Serial command codes can be sent to the DN-500BD via the Ethernet connection as well as through the included built-in RS-232 port.  Additionally, when the DN-500BD is connected to the internet, you will have access to BD Live.


What is BD-Live?

BD-Live 2.0 is a standard for Blu-ray players that utilize your internet connection and allow you to download additional content for your BD-Live movie.  To access this function on the DN-500BD follow the steps suggested below.

Network Setup

  • BD-Live Network Access: Select the level of access to BD-Live content on the internet: Permitted (you can access all content), Partial Permitted (you can access only certain content), Prohibited (BD-Live content is blocked). DN-500BD must be connected to the internet (via its LAN port) for this feature to work properly.
  • BD-Live: These options let you manage where DN-500BD downloads files while accessing BD-Live content, if any. Press OK to open a window to configure each option.
  • BUDA Setup: This window shows the amount of free space on the selected drive. Press OK to format the drive (this will erase all content on the drive).
  • Please select the BUDA mode: Select the drive you want to use to store downloaded BD-Live files: External (a USB drive connected to DN-500BD’s USB port) or On board (DN-500BD’s internal memory). Note that you will need a certain amount of free space on the drive to download some content properly.
  • Important: Your USB drive must not use an NTFS file system.


What are the Serial Commands for the DN-500BD?

You can find the Serial Command Protocol Guide for the DN-500BD at the following link: 

DN-500BD Serial Command Protocol Guide


My TV screen is black, what do I do?

If the device you connect the DN-500Bd to is not showing a display here are a few steps to try. 

  • Press the HDMI button to toggle through the screen resolutions to match the TV (if resolutions do not match, the TV will remain black).
  • Internal settings on the DN-500BD may be set to PAL or another non-compatible setting.
  • Make sure the cable you are using to connect the DN-500BD is secure and pushed in all the way.
  • Perform a Factory Reset (Steps are below)

How do you reset the DN-500BD?

To do a factory reset on a DN-500BD, you need to launch the setup wizard. 

  1. First, ensure the DN-500ND is on the HOME screen. If you cannot see the screen or it is black, press the HOME button on the remote control 2 to 3 times.
  2. Now press the colored buttons on the bottom of the remote in this order: Blue, Blue, Yellow, Yellow, Green, Red, Green, Red 

    This will revert the DN-500BD to the original firmware settings and also activate the setup wizard.

    NOTE: Make sure remote is pointed directly at the DN-500BD.

The following 6 steps are performed after you do the colored button combination shown above:

  1. Press the OK button go to the next screen.
  2. Choose the language to prefer from the list and press OK.
  3. Choose the country format you need to be in for operation and press OK.
  4. Choose the correct resolution for your Display and press OK.
  5. Choose the correct aspect ratio that will fit your display and press OK.
  6. The screen will now say "The setup wizard is complete!".  Press OK to finish.


How many displays can I connect at once?

The HDCP security on the DN-500BD will allow up to 9 simultaneous video displays using an HDMI switcher or splitter. 


I cannot send Commands Codes to my DN-500BD. Why not?

In order to send Command Control messages to the DN-500BD, the BAUD rate and data size on both the unit and protocol program you’re using must match. The BAUD rate will need to be set to 115200, and the data size needs to be set to 8.

To determine and change the BAUD rate on the DN-500BD:

  • Press SETUP on the remote control. The SETUP menu will open at PLAYBACK SETUP by default. You can also use the right arrow key to select DEVICE SETUP.
  • Select SETTING.
  • Use the right arrow key to navigate to the submenu and select SERIAL BITRATE.

After making the appropriate changes, you may enter the desired Command Control messages as outlined in the Serial Protocol Guide.


Further Technical Support

Whether you are a customer or dealer, if you already own a Denon DJ product, or if you just have pre-sales questions, the Denon DJ technical support team is available to help!

Visit the link below to connect with any of the following support options: online community support, phone support, email support. 


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