ION Audio Mustang Stereo - Frequently Asked Questions

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The ION Audio Mustang Stereo has great styling that evokes the look and feel of the classic mid-60s Ford Mustang--the perfect open-road cruising machine. This is a portable speaker with a sensitive AM/FM radio, and also wireless streams music from any Bluetooth enabled device. This guide will answer popular questions about the features and functionality of the ION Audio Mustang Stereo.




What is included in the box?

  • Mustang Stereo
  • USB Charging Adapter
  • Micro-USB Cable
  • 1/8” (3.5 mm) Stereo Aux Cable
  • Quickstart Guide
  • Safety & Warranty Manual


How do I use Bluetooth to connect to the Mustang Stereo?

Follow these steps below to pair your Bluetooth device to the Mustang Stereo:

  1. Turn on your Bluetooth device. 

  2. Power on Mustang Stereo. Press and release the Bluetooth button to start pairing. The Bluetooth LED on the display will start to blink when attempting to pair. If you have previously connected to another Bluetooth device, Mustang Stereo will reconnect. To disconnect pairing if the Bluetooth LED is lit solid, press and hold the Bluetooth button. 

  3. Navigate to your Bluetooth device's setup screen, find "Mustang Stereo" and connect. The Bluetooth LED on the display will be lit solid when paired. Note: If your Bluetooth device prompts for a pairing code, enter "0000".

  4. To disconnect pairing while the Bluetooth LED is lit solid, press and hold the Bluetooth button. 

  5. To connect to another Bluetooth device, repeat step 3.


My Bluetooth device won't connect. What should I do?

We've put together a handy guide to help you if you're having difficulty pairing your Bluetooth device to Total PA. Visit our article, Bluetooth Pairing - Tips and Troubleshooting, for some helpful tips and tricks.


I'm experiencing poor AM reception. How can I improve it?

If you're experiencing poor AM radio reception, unplug Mustang Stereo from the wall. Running off battery power typically increases clarity of AM signals.


My audio doesn't sound right or sounds distorted. What do I do?

If the sound of your Mustang Stereo is coming out distorted, try lowering the volume control of your sound sources - such as your iPod, iPhone, or Android device.  About 75% volume will you give you the best signal quality.

If you continue to experience sound issues after following the steps suggested above, you may want to contact ION Technical Support.


How long will it take to fully charge the battery?

It will take approximately 6 hours to fully charge the battery.


How long will a full charge on the battery last?

A full battery charge will last up to 20 hours.


What can I do to prolong my battery life?

To help the battery last as long as possible, we recommend charging it fully before and after each use. Continually draining the battery and re-charging will help keep it active and healthy. Leaving the battery for long periods of time with low or no charge will be detrimental to its lifespan

Further Technical Support

Whether you are a customer or dealer, if you already own an ION product, or if you just have pre-sales questions, the experienced ION technical support team is available to help!
Visit the link below to connect with any of the following support options: online community support, phone support, email support.  



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