ION Audio Cassette Adapter Bluetooth - Frequently Asked Questions

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ion bluetoothcassette main3With the ION Cassette Adapter Bluetooth, your car’s cassette player instantly becomes a wireless Bluetooth receiver. Just like that, you can stream music from any Bluetooth music player or phone. No complicated installation. No cables. No tangled or snagged tape. This article answers some frequently asked questions about the ION Cassette Adapter Bluetooth.


 Frequently Asked Questions


Can I use the Cassette Adapter Bluetooth to answer phone calls?

Yes! The Cassette Adapter Bluetooth has a built in microphone that allows for hands-free cellphone operation while driving. The microphone is in the top compartment of the Cassette Adapter Bluetooth and includes a button to either pause your streaming audio or pick up a phone call.

When I talk to someone on the phone they complain that I sound muffled. Can I fix this?

Make sure that you have removed the microphone from the top compartment of the Cassette Adapter Bluetooth and that it is dangling outside of your tape deck.

How do I pair the Cassette Adapter Bluetooth with my Bluetooth device?

The Cassette Adapter Bluetooth will enter its pairing mode as soon as it starts playing in your tape deck. Depending on how the tape deck in your car functions, you may need to push the PLAY button once the Cassette Adapter Bluetooth is inserted. If your tape deck plays automatically you will not need to do anything to enter pairing mode.


The Cassette Adapter Bluetooth is in my tape deck but will not pair to my device. What could cause that?

The Cassette Adapter Bluetooth will power off after 15 minutes once Bluetooth is disconnected. To re-establish connection, use the power switch on the side of the Cassette Adapter Bluetooth to cycle the power OFF then ON. The Cassette Adapter Bluetooth will also turn back on and enter pairing mode if it is removed and re-inserted into your tape deck.


How long is the battery life? Are there any steps I can take to maximize battery life?

The built-in rechargeable battery should last for up to 6 hours.  

To even further extend battery life, keep this in mind. The Cassette can be powered in 2 ways: (1) Power Switch turned ON or (2) Power Switch Off, and Cassette Adapter’s metal tape head pressed in by a cassette deck’s Play mechanism. Since the Cassette Adapter can be powered by pressing in the tape head, use the following steps to further extend battery life.

  1. Turn Cassette Adapter switch to Off at all times.
  2. Insert Cassette Adapter into cassette deck.
  3. Engage Play on cassette deck. Note: Some decks automatically engage Play upon insertion.
  4. The Cassette Adapter should now be powered on and ready for Bluetooth Connecting (because it tape head is pressed in).
  5. Connect your Bluetooth device and play music.
  6. When finished or not using, ensure the Cassette Adapter’s tape head is not engaged (pressed in) by either pressing Stop on your cassette deck, or by ejecting the Cassette Adapter entirely.
  7. To reconnect, repeat Steps 2-5.


The LED does not light up when charging, is this normal?

 Yes, there is no LED indicating a charge is being accepted. It will reach a full charge after about 2 hours. Battery will last 4-5 hours.


If the cassette deck powers on the Cassette Adapter, is the separate power switch not needed at all?

The Cassette Adapter will turn itself on automatically when your cassette player's tape head engages.   While this 'auto-on' feature means many customers will never need to use the external 'Power Switch' on the Cassette Adapter, some customers like the idea of being able to fully pair their Bluetooth device to the Cassette Adapter before inserting it into a cassette deck.


How can I optimize the audio quality?

You should be hearing clear playback from your Cassette Adapter Bluetooth at all times. If you're not, you may want to check our guide on Optimizing Audio Quality for the Cassette Adapter Bluetooth.


Further Technical Support

Whether you are a customer or dealer, if you already own a ION product, or if you just have pre-sales questions, the experienced ION technical support team is available to help!

Visit the link below to connect with any of the following support options: online community support, phone support, email support.


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