ION Audio Film 2 SD Plus - MediaImpressions Installation and Image Transfer

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ion film2sdplus main3The Film 2 SD Plus allows you to scan and transfer slide images to your computer.  The following guide walks through the steps to install and transfer images from the Film 2 SD Plus to your computer using the ArcSoft MediaImpressions 2 software.


  1. Installation Process
  2. Transferring Slides
  3. Further Technical Support

Installing MediaImpressions 2

Getting Started

Before we begin, insert your Installation CD and launch the set up.

  1. Click on INSTALL SOFTWARE to proceed with the installation.

    ScreenHunter 206 Apr. 09 10.10

  2. Choose your language and click OK.

    ScreenHunter 208 Apr. 09 10.10

  3. Click Next to continue.

    ScreenHunter 210 Apr. 09 10.10
  4. Once you have read the License Agreement, click Yes.

    ScreenHunter 211 Apr. 09 10.10

    Next, you must authorize it.

Authorizing the Software

  1. Locate the License Key on your software disc's CD sleeve.


  2. Enter this number into the License Key field. Be sure to use capitalization and hyphens when needed, then click Next.

    ScreenHunter 211 Apr. 09 10.12

    Now you must save the MediaImpressions software to your computer.

Finalizing the Installation

  1. Choose the desitinaton location for the software. It is recommended to use the default location, as indicated in the image below. Click Next.

    ScreenHunter 213 Apr. 09 10.12

  2. You have the option to rename the software program folder. It is not recommended to change this. Click Next.

    ScreenHunter 215 Apr. 09 10.12

  3. Choose the image files that will automatically open in MediaImpressions 2. Your Film 2 SD Plus saves your slides as .jpg. Typically, leave the defaulted boxes selected and choose Next.

    ScreenHunter 215 Apr. 09 10.19

  4. Your installation is now complete. Click Finish.

    ScreenHunter 217 Apr. 09 10.19

Transferring Slides

  1. Connect the included USB cable from the FIlm 2 SD Plus to your computer's USB port. Then turn on the unit by pressing the Power button.

  2. On the Film2SD Plus, the display will show "SD to PC". To enter USB MODE, press the UP button and select "Yes".  Then click "OK". This will enable your Film 2 SD Plus to work as an SD Card reader.


  3. Your computer will then recognize a new Removable Disk. To view your images, choose Import media files to local disk using ArcSoft MediaImpression 2.

    ScreenHunter 242 Apr. 12 13.00

  4. If you do not get the "Removable Disk" Menu when you enter USB mode, you can also obtain the slides directly from the MediaImpression 2 software. To do this, click on your Start Menu and then click on MediaImpressions 2.

    ScreenHunter 235 Apr. 12 11.27

    ScreenHunter 240 Apr. 12 11.27

  5. Once the program opens, choose Import on the bottom of the software interface.

    ScreenHunter 220 Apr. 09 10.28

  6. In the drop-down box under Get Media From, select the Film 2 SD Plus. It may be labeled as Digital Camera USB Device as shown in the image below.

    ScreenHunter 218 Apr. 09 10.28


  7. Now, on the same screen, click the Folder icon.

    ScreenHunter 248 Apr. 12 16.30

  8. Choose your Destination Folder. It is recommended to use your My Pictures folder as this is the main default location for most images.

    ScreenHunter 251 Apr. 12 16.30

  9. When you are ready to save your slides onto your computer, click Import. This is found on the bottom left of the MediaImpressions 2 software.

    ScreenHunter 252 Apr. 12 16.30

  10. The software will begin imprting the slides into your Destination Folder.

    ScreenHunter 253 Apr. 12 16.31

  11. After saving, the MediaImpressions 2 software will ask you if you would like to delete the already transferred images from your Film 2 SD Plus SD Card. If you would like to delete them in order to create more room on your SD card click Delete Original Files. If you do not want to delete the slides, click Done.

    ScreenHunter 255 Apr. 12 16.31


Congratulations!  You have now successfully transferred your slide images to your computer!  Enjoy!


Further Technical Support

Whether you are a customer or dealer, if you already own a ION product, or if you just have pre-sales questions, our experienced technical support team is here to help!

Visit the link below to connect with any of the following support options: online community support, phone support, email support.



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