ION Audio Film 2 SD - Choosing a Film Type

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ion film2sd main3The Film 2 SD has the ability to scan your images to an SD card. It also allows for for the ability to scan as three different Film Types that will change the way the image is scanned. This tutorial shows how to change these Film Types.


    1. Power the unit on by pressing the power button film 2 sd 8 located on the top of the Film 2 SD.

    2. Next there will be 4 icons along the left hand side of the display.

      film 2 sd 1

      • Capture Mode 
      • Playback Mode
      • Film Type
      • USB Mode

    3. Use the down arrow ("FLIP" button) film 2 sd 9 to navigate to the third icon down (Film Type).

    4. Press the OK button film 2 sd 4 located on the top of the Film 2 SD. 

    5. There are now 3 icons which represent different Film Types. 

      film 2 sd 2

    6. Use the up and down arrow film 2 sd 3 ("Flip" and "Mirror" Buttons) to navigate through the 3 selections. (Refer to the images below for an example of each Film Type)

      • Color Negative (opposite colors of slide)

         film 2 sd 5

      • Slide (actual color of the slide)

        film 2 sd 6

      • Black & White Negative

        film 2 sd 7

    7. Once the selection has been made, press the OK button film 2 sd 4 located on the top of the Film 2 SD to choose the selection.


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