ION Audio Air Copy - Installing, Scanning and Saving

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ion aircopy mainimage3The following tutorial walks through how to install the ION Audio Air Copy app, connect to wi-fi, scan the document/image, and then save it to a wireless device.




Important: Make sure that your device has internet access via your service provider or wireless connection.

ion aircopy image 1

  1. On your device, go to the respective Apple App Store, Google Play Store, or Microsoft Windows Store.

    ion aircopy image  ion aircopy image 2

  2. Search for the Air Copy app. Follow the on-screen instructions to download and install the app.

  3. Once downloaded, the Air Copy app will appear on your device’s home screen.

    ion aircopy image 16 



  1. Turn on Air Copy and wait approximately 16-20 seconds until the wireless indicator blinks.

    ion aircopy image 4

  2. Search for the Direct-xxxxxx-AirCopy network. For Apple devices, touchSettings -> Wi-Fi -> Choose A Network

    Note: “xxxxxx” is a 6-digit random number assigned to the network.

    ion aircopy image 5ion aircopy image 5ion aircopy image 17

  3. Input the 8 digit passcode, 12345678 then touch Join.

    Note: You will notice that your connected when you go back to your Wi-Fi connection with a check mark next to DIRECT-A7AA4A…

    ion aircopy image 7

  4. You will notice that the wireless indicator on Air Copy will become a solid blue light when connected to a wireless network.
    • Ensure Air Copy is within 60-100 feet of your device.
    • Up to 8 people can be connected at once to a device.
    • Every time you power on, you will need to direct your device to Air Copy’s Wi-Fi network.

Note: Don’t skip step 1 and then proceed to step 2.  Your device and scanner will not connect to the app store. 



Note: Make sure your document is thin enough to fit in the FEED SLOT or the included photo sleeve. Acceptable scan thickness is 0.08~0.6mm (using the supplied photo sleeve).

ion aircopy image 9

  1. Prepare your image or document for scanning.  You will feel the Air Copy grabbing or catching the image/document. 

    Note: Paper/Photo: Place the paper into the FEED SLOT with the surface to be scanned facing up. Adjust the PAPER GUIDE so it rests against the left edge of the paper.

    ion aircopy image 14 ion aircopy image 15

  2. Adjust the scan resolution:
    • For iPad®, iPhone®, iPod touch® and Mac computers, press the Settings option in the app to set the scan resolution, Standard (300 dpi) or Fine (600 dpi), then press the SCAN button. The photo or document will be pulled through the scanner. Preview your scan in the app and then press SAVE to save your results to your photo library or press CANCEL to re-scan.
    • For Android devices, press either the Settings icon or Menu button to set the Resolution (Standard or Fine), and then set the Save to location (Internal Memory or SD Card).
    • For Windows devices, swipe in from the right side or move the cursor to the upper-right or lower-right of your device’s screen to reveal the menu bar, then set the Resolution (Standard or Fine)

      ion aircopy image 8

  3. Open your Air Copy app and click onScan.

    Note: Do not scan more than one page at a time; otherwise the extra pages may not feed properly.

    ion aircopy image 10

  4. During your scanning progress, you will notice a preview of the image on your device as it goes through.

    ion aircopy image 11 ion aircopy image 12

  5. When scanning is complete, you will have the option to Cancel or Save the image.  After choosing Save, your saved image will appear on your screen.

    ion aircopy image 13

  6. All of your saved images will be saved into your photo library.  



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