ION Audio Pics 2 SD - Frequently Asked Questions

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ion pics2sd mainRediscover your long-lost photo prints, slides, and film negatives with Pics 2 SD. This high-quality scanner transfers your images directly onto an SD card so you can enjoy your old pictures with the latest technology. Thanks to Pics 2 SD's full-color LCD screen, you don't even need a computer to make it work! This article answers some frequently asked questions about the ION Audio Pics 2 SD.


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Frequently Asked Questions



What size negatives, slides, and photographs can Pics 2 SD scan?

Pics 2 SD scans 35mm negatives, 35mm slides, and 3x5, 4x6, and 5x7-inch pictures

How do I select what film type I'm going to scan?

  1. From the MODE screen, press the right arrow button twice until Film is displayed on the screen.

    ion pics2sd faq 1

  2. Press ENTER.

  3. On this screen you, you can choose what you will be scanning. By default, Pics 2 SD is set to scan Slides. Use the left or right arrow buttons to select between Slides, NegativeFilm, or B&W (for black and white negatives).

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  4. Press ENTER to make your selection. You will now be in Capture mode.

  5. If you are not yet ready to capture your image, press MODE to return to the MODE screen.


How do I scan my image?

  1. Make sure that you have inserted the slide, photo, or negative you wish to scan and that you've selected the proper film type from the Film Type menu. If you have not yet done this, click here for instructions.

  2. From the MODE screen, choose Capture and press ENTER.

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  3. In Capture mode, you should see a clear picture of your slide, photo, or negative. If your image doesn't look right, double check that you have selected the correct film type. selecting the wrong film type can make your image negative or colorless.

  4. Make adjustments to your image - 
      • The left arrow "mirrors" your image

      • The right arrow flips your image upside down

      • The ENTER button allows you to adjust Exposure Value. Press ENTER and then use the arrow buttons to adjust the brightness of your image, Press ENTER again to make your selection.

      5. Press the SCAN button.

          ion pics2sd faq 6

      6. Select what you'd like to do using the arrow keys and press ENTER -

      • Select Save to save your image to an SD card.

      • Select Cancel to go back to the Capture screen without saving.

      • Select Home to go back to the MODE screen without saving.


How do I get my scanned images onto my computer?

  1. Connect Pics 2 SD to your computer with the included USB cable.

  2. From the MODE menu, use the arrow keys to select USB MSDC.

    ion pics2sd faq 10

  3. Press ENTER.

  4. You can now view or transfer your scanned images to your computer (just as you would from a remote USB drive or an SD card reader).

  5. Press the MODE button to return to the main menu.


Does Pics 2 SD have any internal memory?

Yes. Pics 2 SD has 14MB of internal memory. 


How many megapixels is Pics 2 SD?

Pics 2 SD allows you to choose between 5 or 10 megapixels. From the MODE screen, use the arrow buttons to navigate to Resolution and press Enter. Choose either 5M or 10M and press ENTER again to make you selection. Click here for help.


What sort of memory cards does Pics 2 SD take?

Pics 2 SD supports SD, microSD (with SD card adapter), MMC, MS, and MS-PRO cards.


What is the biggest SD card size that I can use in Pics 2 SD?

ION Audio has tested Pics 2 SD with cards up to 4GB in size.


My slides are getting cut off. What's going on?

Slides come in a variety of formats. It is important to note that all of our scanners only support 35mm slides. Some slides, such as the once popular 126 and 127 formats, will fit in the slide scanner trays, but the internal film size is different, resulting in cropping of the image in the scan process.


What can I do to improve the quality of my scanned images?

  1. Make sure to select the 10M scanning resolution before begin to scan.

    Adjusting Scanning Resolution - From the MODE screen, use the arrow buttons to navigate to Resolution and press Enter. Choose 10M for the highest scanning quality. Press ENTER to make your selection.

    ion pics2sd faq 7   ion pics2sd faq 8

  2. Take scans at three or four different exposure levels.  Once you have them transferred to your computer, evaluate each scans, and choose the best one or two keep.

    Adjust Exposure Value (EV) - When in Capture mode, press ENTER. You should see EV displayed on the screen. Use the arrow keys to adjust the exposure value. Higher values will make your picture brighter while lower values will make it darker. 

    ion pics2sd faq 11


Where can I find further support for this and other ION Audio products?

Whether you are a customer or dealer, if you already own a ION product, or if you just have pre-sales questions, the experienced ION technical support team is available to help!
Visit the link below to connect with any of the following support options: online community support, phone support, email support.


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