M-Audio Axiom AIR Series - Setup with Presonus Studio One 2

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m audio axiomair series mainThe M-Audio Axiom AIR series is a powerful family of controllers that leverages every capability of your recording software. This guide covers how to setup your Axiom AIR 25 with Presonus Studio One 2.



  1. Studio One 2 Setup
  2. Axiom Air Setup
  3. Setting up Transport Controls
  4. Technical Support and Warranty Service 


Studio One 2 Setup

  1. Open up Presonus Studio One 2, select Create a new Song and choose Empty Song.



  2. Select Studio One > Options...




  3. In the window that appears choose the External Devices tab and select Add... in the lower left of the window.



  4. Next Select New Keyboard and type in M-Audio for the Manufacturer and M-Audio Axiom for the Device Name. Then make sure all the MIDI Channels are selected, and Receive From is set to Axiom AIR 25 MIDI In and the Send To is set to Axiom AIR 25 MIDI Out.

    axiom presonus 7

  5. Click on Track > Add Tracks.


  6. In the window that appears choose the following
     - Type: Instrument
     - Input: Default
     - Output: New Instrument and select the plug-in that you want to use.

    axiom presonus 3

  7. Make sure you select the Record Enable recordbutton and Monitor speakerbutton buttons on the track you've created along with setting the Input to All Inputs.

    axiom presonus 4

Axiom Air Setup

  1.  The Axiom will need to be setup so that the MIDI OUT is USB. To do this press the EDIT button and then repeatedly press the MIDI OUT key until the display reads Out: USB

    axiom presonus 5

  2. Once the display is reading Out: USB press the EDIT button to confirm your selection.

Setting up Transport Control

  1. Select Studio One > Options...



  2. In the window that appears choose the External Devices tab and select Add... in the lower left of the window.




  3. Another window will appear. Click on the Presonus folder from the list to the left and choose MMC from the sub folder. Set Receive From to Axiom AIR 25 MIDI In then click OK. (If you get a message that the port is already assigned, disregard it and proceed.)

    axiom presonus 8


  4. Open the Console/Mixer view. This button is located in the lower right under the browser




  5. On the bottom left you will see a button for "External". Click it and you should see the name you chose for your controller (M-Audio Axiom) in your list of External Devices.


    axiom presonus 9


  6. Double click on M-Audio Axiom and a new window pops up with the button "Midi Learn" in the upper left.


    axiom presonus 10


  7. Click MIDI Learn and proceed to physically press all of the transport buttons on the Axiom Air keyboard. This will populate each transport control in the empty space of the window on your screen.




  8. Right click on each knob that appears and choose "Button On/Off" or the appropriate control type for each button on the Axiom Air keyboard in the Transport section.




  9. Then right click the knob and choose Assign Command...




  10. In the window that appears and search through different Studio One commands to assign to that knob.




  11. Repeat steps 9 and 10 until each Transport Control button on the Axiom Air keyboard are assigned to the proper command in Studio One.

  12. Once the hardware and software setup is complete, click the Record Button akai eie pro 9 in the transport section located near the bottom of Studio One. Now you are ready to use your Axiom Air keyboard!

    axiom presonus 11




M-Audio Technical Support & Warranty Service

Whether you are a customer or dealer, if you already own an M-Audio product, or if you just have pre-sales questions, the M-Audio technical support team is available to help!

Visit the link below to connect with any of the following support options: online community support, phone support, email support.

  •  M-Audio Support Contact


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