M-Audio Axiom AIR Series - Setup with Pro Tools 10 and 11

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m audio axiomair series mainThe M-Audio Axiom AIR series is a powerful family of professional MIDI controllers that leverages many capabilities of your recording software. This guide covers using M-Audio's Hypercontrol feature to control Pro Tools 10 and 11. 



What is Hypercontrol?

HyperControl, previously known as DirectLink Mode, is an exclusive technology found in M-Audio keyboards. HyperControl automatically maps your keyboard’s many controllers to instantly match the most useful and commonly accessed functions in many of today’s top music software titles.

Current releases of Pro Tools do not support HyperControl for Axiom AIR keyboards. Native HyperControl support is planned for a future Pro Tools release. In the meantime, M-Audio has developed a software driver update to enable much of this Hypercontrol functionality.

Installing the Axiom AIR Hypercontrol Driver


  1. Download and install the Axiom AIR driver update:

    Windows Vista, 7, 8

  2. After installation is complete, open the M-Audio Axiom AIR Control Panel.
  3. Click your Windows button (Start Menu) and select Control Panel.
  4. In the Search Control Panel field, type M-Audio Axiom AIR and select the M-Audio Axiom AIR result that appears.

    M Audio AxiomAIR ProToolsMKII 1

  5. In the window that appears, check the Enable Pro Tools Hypercontrol Support box. A new window will prompt you to quit any audio application (Pro Tools). Power off the Axiom AIR. Click OK

    M Audio AxiomAIR ProToolsMKII 4


  1. Download and install the Axiom AIR driver update:

    Mac OSX 10.8.x

  2. After installation is complete, open your System Preferences from the Apple icon (top left corner). 
  3. Under Other, click the M-Audio Axiom AIR icon.

    M Audio AxiomAir ProToolsMKII 7

  4. In the window that appears, check the Enable Pro Tools Hypercontrol Support box. A new window will prompt you to quit any audio application (Pro Tools). Power off the Axiom AIR. Click OK.

    M Audio AxiomAir ProToolsMKII 8.jpg

Enable Pro Tools Hypercontrol Support only when using Pro Tools 10/11. If you use any other DAW software, disable this first.

Configuration in Pro Tools 10/11

  1. Power on your Axiom AIR keyboard and reopen Pro Tools 10/11. Create a new, blank session. 
  2. In Pro Tools, from the Setup menu, select Peripherals.

    M Audio AxiomAIR ProToolsMKII 5 

  3. Select the MIDI Controllers tab.
  4. In one of the available device rows, select M-Audio Keyboard from the Type drop-down menu, select Axiom AIR HyperControl from the Receive From and Send To menus. Click OK.

    M Audio AxiomAIR ProToolsMKII 6

Hypercontrol in Use

With the current Hypercontrol driver update developed by M-Audio, many of the important controls in Pro Tools have been mapped. Here is a list of the all assignments (note: the Axiom 25 will not have a fader controller assignment)

Encoder 1-8 Track Pan
Fader 1-8 Track Volume
Arrow Up Select Track - Right
Arrow Down Select Track - Left
Arrow Left Bank Left
Arrow Right Bank Right
Memory Mute Track
Identify Solo Track
Track Select Flip Faders
Enter  Mode Toggle
Loop Loop Toggle
Fast Forward Fast Forward
Rewind Rewind
Stop Stop
Play Play
Record Record


The keys and pads functionality of the Axiom AIR will not be changed. Additionally, many of the included virtual instruments parameters as well as those in 3rd party plugins will automatically map to various controls of the Axiom AIR when their user interfaces are opened.  


Further Product Support

 Whether you are a customer or dealer, if you already own an M-Audio product, or if you just have pre-sales questions, the M-Audio technical support team is available to help!

Visit the link below to connect with any of the following support options: online community support, phone support, email support.

  • M-Audio Support Contact 





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