M-Audio Trigger Finger Pro - Sequencing External Hardware

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TFP Top2The M-Audio Trigger Finger Pro is an extremely versatile MIDI controller and step sequencer. It can be used to sequence software plugins or standalone drum machines, synthesizers, and other hardware sound modules. In this tutorial we will show you how to setup the Trigger Finger Pro with the Akai Professional MPX8 Mobile SD Sample Player. However, the steps below will be similar when setting up any hardware sounds module.


What you need:

Hardware Connections

  1. Connect a USB cable from your TFP (Trigger Finger Pro) to your computer or powered USB Hub, and power on.  

  2. Connect a USB cable from your MPX8 to your computer or powered USB Hub.

  3. Plug in the 1/8" to 5-Pin DIN MIDI Cable to the MIDI IN on the MPX8.

    TFP Sequencer 03

  4. Connect a 5-Pin DIN standard MIDI Cable to the 1/8" to 5-Pin MIDI adapter, and then connect the other end to the MIDI Out on the TFP. 

Hardware Settings, and Preferences 

Trigger Finger Pro

  1. Change the preset from Arsenal to MIDI, and press the menu button below LOAD.

    TFP Sequencer 01

  2. Press EXIT, to close this menu. 

  3. Press the menu button below PREFS

  4. Turn the knob below MIDI-CH: to Channel 10, this channel is commonly used for MIDI percussion. Your sound module may utilize a different channel. If so, please refer to the manufactures user manual to determine which channel will work for you.

  5. Turn the knob below MIDI-OUT to Jack or USB+Jack. This ensures that the TFP is sending MIDI information from the 5-Pin DIN MIDI cable we connected earlier.

    TFP Sequencer 02
  6. Press EXIT to close these preferences.


The MPX8 does not require any additional setup to receive MIDI from external devices. Pads 5-8 and 1-4 should control the pads and sounds on the MPX8. If the TFP is not controlling the pads and sounds on the MPX8 you may need to ensure that the MIDI notes match on both units. Below are the default MIDI notes for the Trigger Finger Pro, and the MPX8 which follow the General MIDI Percussion Key Map. Once you match the notes below you will be able to sequence the drum sounds on the MPX8 with the Trigger Finger Pro's sequencer. 

Pad Settings

If the TFP pads to not trigger the pads on your MPX8 change the MIDI settings to match the defaults below. 

  • Pad 1 = C1 (TFP), MID:036 (MPX8)
  • Pad 2 = C#1 (TFP), MID:037 (MPX8)
  • Pad 3 = D1 (TFP), MID:038 (MPX8)
  • Pad 4 = D#1 (TFP), MID:039 (MPX8)
  • Pad 5 = E1 (TFP), MID:040 (MPX8)
  • Pad 6 = F1 (TFP), MID:041 (MPX8)
  • Pad 7 = F#1 (TFP), MID:042 (MPX8)
  • Pad 8 = G1 (TFP), MID:043 (MPX8)

Trigger Finger Pro Defaults (Pad Bank 1)

By default the TFP pad defaults should match below. If not you can change the pad values by pressing press PAD, then the menu button below EDIT PADS. Press the pad you wish to change, and then turn the knob below NOTE: to assign a different value or note.

Note: Preset must be in MIDI, Minor, or Major Scale mode in order to change pad values.

TFP Sequencer 06

MPX8 Pad Defaults

By default the MPX pad defaults should match below. If not you can change the pad values by pressing the Select - button until MID is selected, then use the Data wheel to change the value to match. Pressing pad 1-8 will select that pad, and allow you to change the value. 

TFP Sequencer 07

Further Product Support

Whether you are a customer or dealer, if you already own an M-Audio product, or if you just have pre-sales questions, the M-Audio technical support team is available to help!

Visit the link below to connect with any of the following support options: online community support, phone support, email support.

  • M-Audio Support Contact



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