Marq Lighting Onset 120WW - Frequently Asked Questions

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marq onset120ww mainPut your stars in the spotlight! Give your top attractions the attention they deserve with the Onset 120WW. It projects a vibrant, crisp gobo exactly where you need it, while its framing shutters enable you to precisely shape the beam and direct the light. This guide will help answer questions about setting up the Marq Lighting Onset 120WW and how to use it properly.


Frequently Asked Questions 


What does the Marq Lighting Onset 120WW include? 

The Marq Lighting Onset 120WW includes:

  1. Onset 120WW light
  2. Gobo Holder
  3. Gel Holder
  4. DMX cable
  5. Power cable (IEC Cable)

Does the Marq Lighting Onset 120WW have DMX capability?

Yes they do!  The Marq Lighting Onset 120WW module has the traditional DMX IN and DMX OUT jacks built in.  This will allow you to use these lights with a qualified DMX controller, and with the proper DMX Cables.  It is possible to link up to 32 Marq Light Onset 120WW units with DMX.  It is very important to keep track of the amount of channels you are using and the starting address.

What is DMX?

DMX is a lighting control protocol.  Here is a link to a great article that will help explain the fundamentals of DMX.

How do I setup the Marq Lighting Onset 120WW with DMX?

If you are going to use the Marq Lighting Onset 120WW with a DMX controller, follow the steps suggested below:

  1. Connect a DMX cable from the DMX output on the DMX controller that you are using, and attach it to the DMX input on the Marq Lighting Onset 120WW.  Below is a picture showing this.

    marq onset120ww dmxsetup

  2. You can chain multiple Rezotube control boxes together by linking each through the built in DMX output to the DMX input of the following unit.

  3. These will operate over 3 channels, each with its own specific function.  To see what each channel does please refer to page 8 of the manual.

What is the Powerlink feature?

The Powerlink feature lets you link up to 10 Marq Lighting Onset 120WW's together with power cables (IEC cables).  The reason to do this is if you have a shortage of wall outlets or power supplies to plug multiple units into, you can then power them from just one Marq Lighting Onset 120WW. Here is how

  1. Insert the included power cable into the wall and the other end into the Marq Lighting Onset 120WW.
  2. On the right hand side of the Marq lighting Onset 120WW you will see a power jack that works the opposite way.  On this jack plug the opposite end of an IEC cable here.

  3. Now plug the other end of the power cable plug into the power jack of another Marq Lighting Onset 120WW.  This will supply power to the Marq Lighting Onset 120WW. 

 marq onset120ww powerlink  

What type of Gobos does the Onset 120WW use?

The Onset 120WW supports industry standard B-size gobos.

Does the Marq Lighting Onset 120WW come with Gobos? 

The Marq Lighting Onset 120WW does not come with Gobos or Washes.  It does come with the GOBO holder, and there are websites where you can easily obtain gobos and washes to use with the Marq Lighting Onset 120WW. Here are a few to check out, and NLFX Pro Custom Gobos.

Why is my Marq Lighting Onset 120WW not displaying my Gobo?

If the shutter is closed on the Marq Lighting Onset 120WW then no light would pass through the unit,  and then would not be able to project the image you need.  This is why it is very important to make sure the shutters are open.  Then once you are displaying your image you can use the shutter to block out some of the ambient circular light when a GOBO is inserted.

What is the Dimming Curve on the Marq Lighting Onset 120WW?

The dimming curve on the Marq Lighting Onset 120WW is how quickly the light snaps on/off or dims on off. The Dimming curve values range in between 0-255 on the Marq Lighting Onset 120WW. These ranges will affect how quick or long a fade will take

I am increasing the strobe speed on channel 2 on a DMX controller and nothing is happening, why?

This would happen because the Dim is down on this setting.  Increase the dim, with strobe up, and it will work as expected.

Will the Marq Lighting Onset 120WW work with standard C-Clamps?

Yes! the Marq Lighting Onset 120WW will fit any standard C-clamp on the market so you can hang this from your lighting fixture.

Does the Onset 120WW work with industry-standard lenses?

Yes!  It is designed to work with Marq Lighting's included 26 degree lens as well as other industry standard lenses.


Further Technical Support

Whether you are a customer or dealer, if you already own a Marq product, or if you just have pre-sales questions, the Marq technical support team is available to help!

Visit the link below to connect with any of the following support options: online community support, phone support, email support.   


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