Numark N4 - Using timecode with Virtual DJ Pro or CUE

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N4 serato topOne of the coolest features of the Numark N4 is timecode streaming. You can use your choice of timecode CD's or vinyl to control another two decks.  The following will show you how configure Virtual DJ Pro or CUE to accept timecode through the N4 interface.

  1. Getting Started
  2. Downloading the Virtual DJ Timecode as an Audio File
  3. Setting Up the N4 Hardware
  4. Setting Up Virtual DJ Pro/CUE to Except Timecode
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  6. Numark Technical Support & Warranty Service

Getting Started

  1. What you will need:
    • Numark N4
    • Atomix Virtual DJ PRO or CUE software
    • Blank CD-R's, Timecode CD's, or Timecode Vinyls (1 for each deck used, 2 max)
    • RCA Cables 


Downloading the Virtual DJ Timecode as an Audio File

  1. There are two different free timecode CD's available for you to download. 

    • Consumer Grade Sound Level works best with low output CD players such as rackmount dual cd-players, Numark Axis-9, Pioneer CDJ-100/CDJ-200 and more.
    • Pro Grade Sound Level compensates for the loud output that Pro CD players produce and avoids saturation of the timecode signal to your sound card. The timecode signal is lowered by -14dB. You will need this lower dB level timecode CD, if you are using Pro CD players like the Pioneer CDJ-800/CDJ-1000, Denon DNS-3500, or similar.Download then burn the MP3 file as audio CD with your favorite CD burner program (NO normalization setting on!).

  2. Download the timecode file with one of the links, then burn the MP3 file as an audio CD with your favorite CD burner program (WITHOUT a normalization setting on!).

    *Right-click one of the links HERE, and choose 'Save as..' to save the file to your computer.



Setting Up the N4 Hardware

  1. In order for the N4 to stream the timecode into Virtual DJ/CUE correctly, you will need to configure a few switches on the hardware.

  2. First, flip the following switch on the back panel to Timecode.

    photo 2

  3. If you are using a turntable that uses a phono output, flip the input switch to PHONO on the back panel.  Otherwise, CD players will typically use LINE (line level signal).  This selection is important. The wrong input level can make the timecode signal distort, causing tracking issues. There are two input selection switches on the N4, one for each RCA input, allowing you to use a CD player on one input and a turntable on the other. 
    photo 1

  4. Now the N4's mixer switch on the front panel will need to be set to PC. This switch tells the hardware to use a virtual deck on the corresponding channel, instead of a direct feed from the RCA input.

    photo 3

  5. The hardware is now ready to use.  With the N4 platters focused on DECK 3 and DECK 4, you can have control of 4 decks simultaneously (2 platters via MIDI/2 timecode controls - 4 Virtual Decks).  

    photo 4  


 Setting Up Virtual DJ Pro/CUE to Except Timecode

  1. Open Virtual DJ Pro or CUE.
  2. Click Config in the top right corner to enter the software preferences. 
  3. Set the Input, Output, and Sound Card options to match the following:


  4. Once the routing options are set, enter the Timecode Config menu:


  5. Make sure the correct timecode source is selected in the Vinyl drop down of the Timecode Settings.  In this example, we are using the VirtualDJ CD selection with the CD timescodes we created.  Press play on the device using timecode to see the graphic signal analyzer respond.  You should see the following spherical shape when the software is getting a good reading of the incoming timecode.  The GAIN is most likely the only adjustment you will have to make.  

    *If you not getting a solid reading while adjusting the Gain knob, you may be using the incorrect audio file from Virtual DJ or the wrong input gain selection on the back of the N4.    


  6. You are now fully configured for external timecode control!
    If you close the preferences, you will see the virtual deck(s) moving with your CD player or turntable.

Also See...

Numark Support & Warranty Service

Whether you are a customer or dealer, if you already own a Numark product, or if you just have pre-sales questions, the Numark technical support team is available to help!

Visit the link below to connect with any of the following support options: online community support, phone support, email support.



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