Numark NV - Setup In Virtual DJ 8

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NV FAQ 001

The Numark NV hardware connects to Windows and Mac computers as a class compliant MIDI device.  Because of this, the platters, knobs, sliders, and pads can be mapped to any DJ application that supports custom mapping.  

Virtual DJ has released their own custom mapping for Numark NV in Virtual DJ 8 build 2174.951, allowing for flexible software control right from the NV hardware.. 

In the following guide we'll walk you through setting up Numark NV with Virtual DJ 8 and configuring the audio settings.





Setting up Numark NV with Virtual DJ 8

  1. Connect your Numark NV to your computer via USB.  Power it on.
  2. Make sure you have Virtual DJ 8 Build 2174.951 or higher installed.
  3. Open Virtual DJ 8.
  4. Log into your Virtual DJ account if prompted.  

    denondj mc6000mk2 vdj8 login

  5. With Virtual DJ 8, the software actually automatically detects your DJ controllers soundcard when it's connected for easy setup.  Click on Use Soundcard.

    numark NV vdj8usesoundcard

  6. Click Ok.  

    numark NV vdj8ok

  7. If this is your first time connecting Numark NV to Virtual DJ 8 then another window will pop up.  Simply click Ok.  That's it!

    numark NV vdj8screenok

  8. If you want, you can confirm that you're setup correctly in Virtual DJ 8 by following the Audio Settings below:

    Windows Users:

    numark NV vdj8setuppc

    Mac Users:

    numark NV vdj8setupmac


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