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How to...

DJ 101: Setting Up iTunes

itunes logoWith so much music available to us DJ's, organizing our collections can be quite a headache. One of the most popular programs for this purpose is Apple's iTunes.  iTunes works both on Mac & PC platforms and provides us with a number of ways to save and organize our music. In this guide, we will cover some of the most common settings most of us DJ's find useful.



Q and A

Numark NV - Frequently Asked Questions


NV FAQ 001The Numark NV is a Serato DJ exclusive controller with integrated dual display screens. The NV allows you to close your laptop, and focus on what's important - the crowd, and the music. In the following article we will answer a few questions you may have.


Setup and Configuration

AIR Transfuser 2 - Assigning Tracks To Output Busses In Pro Tools 10 and 11


air transfuser mainAIR Transfuser 2 is a powerful groove creation tool included in the AIR Instrument Expansion Pack for Pro Tools 10 & 11. This guide walks through bussing your Transfuser 2 tracks out to their own aux tracks in Pro Tools for further production and mixing flexibility.