USB Audio Codec Installation Guide - Windows 7

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Sometimes certain products may share similar drivers. This could lead to what is known as a driver conflict. These driver conflicts quite often affect the way one or more of the devices connected to the computer work.

Here is a great guide on how to re-install your USB Audio Codec drivers back to factory specs.

NOTE: Improperly removing and replacing files from the Windows directory improperly may cause your computer to not function properly. Use this guide at your own risk. 

Click on the links below to download the Codec files.



Step 1

In order to replace the conflicted files with the new ones we must first change the permissions of two folders in Windows. The System 32 and System 32 drivers

 other Usb codec1

 Click on the start button in the lower left hand corner other widowsbutton. Click on Computer on the right hand side of the Start Menu. Click on your C: Drive and navigate to the Windows folder. Once inside the Windows folder scroll down to you see the system and System32 folders.

other Usb codec12

Right click on the System32 folder and select Properties

other Usb codec2

Click on the Security tab on the top menu.

other Usb codec3

Click the Advanced button

other Usb codecadv

Click on the Owner Tab, then Edit

other Usb codecowner1

Select the User account to change the ownership to, Then click Apply

other usb-codecown4

Click Ok

other Usb codecown

Now under the Group or user name section, Select Users then Edit.

other Usb codec5

Highlight your User name. Then click Allow on the Full Control menu item. The click OK.

other Usb codec6 

 You are now ready to copy over the new codec files to this folder. Simply drag the new files to the folder and select Copy and Replace existing files.

other Usb codec10

Now repeat the same process for the system folder. Once the files are replaced, restart your computer and you should be all set.















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