Akai Pro MPC2500 - Tips and Tricks

mpc2500 top largeThe MPC2500 is a staple of music production, used by professional producers, beatmakers, and other musicians everywhere. MPCs make it quick and easy to make beats and shape them to perfection. In this column, we’ll give you some ideas on how to get even more out of your MPC2500. Nearly all MPC users can benefit from these tips, with the exception of the Auto Chromatic feature, which is just for the MPC2500.




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Akai Pro MPC 500/2500/5000 Velocity Curve Explained

akai mpc2500 velocity curve mainSome people can hit it just right and some people can't.  For those of us with lighter touches or for those of us who are just plain heavy-handed, the MPC 500/2500/5000 allows the user to adjust the velocity curve of the assigned sound to better suit a particular playing style.  Check out this article to find out more.



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