ION Audio Job Rocker - FAQ and Troubleshooting

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ion job rockerThe ION Job Rocker provides powerful on-the-go audio in a rugged, rechargeable package.  In this article, we'll cover answers to frequently asked questions, and basic troubleshooting tips.


Frequently Asked Questions


My Job Rocker is not charging.  What should I do? 

This symptom could be caused by a burned out Fuse.  To determine if a burned out fuse is the potential cause of your battery not charging, connect the Job Rocker to a power source and look at the level meters on the back of the Job Rocker. 

If the Charging Light is lit, it means that the Job Rocker is currently charging and the fuse is not burnt out.  However, if the battery is fully charged, the Charging Light will not light up.

If the Battery Level lights are less than completely full and the Charging Light is not lit while the Job Rocker is connected to a power source, then the fuse is likely burnt out.  You can follow the steps suggested below to replace a burnt out fuse.

  1. Disconnect your product from any power sources, and remove the IEC power cable. 

  2. Locate the fuse door next to the IEC power cable port on the rear of the product.

    ion job rocker fuse location

  3. Carefully open the fuse door using a flat-head screwdriver.

    ion job rocker fuse door

  4. Inspect the fuse to see if it has burned out.

    ion job rocker fuse

  5. If the fuse has burned out, replace with the following:

    • 110V regions (i.e. United States) - 750mA/250V
    • All other voltage regions - 315mA/250V

  6. If the fuse has not burned out, the battery may require replacement.  Please refer to the following article:



I'm having trouble pairing my Bluetooth audio device (i.e. phone) to the Job Rocker, what should I do?

Most pairing issues can be quickly resolved by following the suggestions in the following guide:


How can I replace the internal battery?

 If your battery requires replacement.  Please refer to the following article:


How long does does it take to charge the battery? 

It takes approximately 10 hours to charge the Job Rocker battery from empty to full.


How long will a fully charged battery last?

A fully charged Job Rocker battery can last up to 50 hours at a reasonably loud indoor listening volume.  Battery life may vary based on temperature, age, and volume usage.


Is the Job Rocker waterproof? 

The Job Rocker is dust-proof, but not water-proof.  The rubber covers located over the A/C adapter connections are intended to prevent debris such as dust, saw-dust, and dirt from entering and are not water-proof covers.  The rubber dust-covers are not user-replaceable parts.


Can the Job Rocker charge my iPod/iPhone?

The Job Rocker does not contain an iPod dock or charging station.  Most people use the AUX IN port in order to connect their iPod/iPhone and listen to stored music through the Job Rocker.


There is no Mic connection on the Job Rocker.  Can I connect a mic to the AUX IN port?

The Job Rocker has an 1/8 inch Aux port.  This Aux port is meant to be connected to a powered source such as a phone or tablet.  You will be able to get a microphone connected if you use some kind of mixer or pre-amp device but a mic connected directly will not perform properly.  However, this port is a line-level input not specifically intended to be used with a mic, so the level of the mic will most likely be lower than a typical audio source such as an iPod or iPhone.


How far can the Bluetooth connection go?

The range of the Bluetooth connection of a Job Rocker is up to 100 feet - as long as the transmitting audio source is not moving around, there are no obstructions between the audio source and the Job Rocker, and it is not in a pocket or covered in any way.  The range can also be affected by the Bluetooth chipset in the audio source as well.


Do the A/C outlets work if the Job Rocker is running on battery power?

No.  If you are not receiving power from the A/C outlets located on the rear of the Job Rocker, ensure that the product is connected to a power source.  If the Job Rocker is plugged in and you are still not receiving power from the A/C outlets, you may potentially have a blown fuse.  To determine if a fuse is the cause of this symptom, click here.


The sound is coming out distorted.  What is happening and how can I fix it?

If the sound from your Job Rocker is coming out distorted, try lowering the volume control of your sound source - such as your iPod or iPhone.  Also, try reducing the overall volume of the Job Rocker.  

If you continue to experience sound issues after following the steps suggested above, you may want to contact ION Tech Support.


I get feedback when I use a microphone.   How can I prevent this?

There are a few easy steps you can take that can help reduce the likelihood of feedback.  Check out the following article to learn more:


I'm getting poor AM reception.  What can I do?

If you have a Bluetooth device connected to the Job Rocker and you are listening to AM radio, disconnected the Bluetooth device and the AM frequencies will likely clear up.  To continue to adjust AM reception, move the entire unit.  Sometimes there is a slight operating noise around the 540 kHz AM frequency, but other than that, typical adjustment of the position of the product should help clear up any poor reception.


Can the Job Rocker be used in a foreign country?

The Job Rocker can only be used in the country for which it was designed to be used.  It cannot be adjusted for use in a country with a different electrical current than it was manufactured to be used with.


Technical Support & Warranty Service

Whether you are a customer or dealer, if you already own a ION product, or if you just have pre-sales questions, the experienced ION technical support team is available to help!

Visit the link below to connect with any of the following support options: online community support, phone support, email support.



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