Marantz Pro Voice Rover - Replacing the Battery and Improving Battery Life


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The Marantz Pro Voice Rover is an easily-transportable, compact AC/Battery-powered PA system that delivers professional-grade sound to a large indoor or outdoor event where there is no access to AC power. On a full charge, the battery system can provide up to 12 hours of use. This guide walks through standard battery care and maintenance, as well as how to access and replace the battery if necessary. 

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Marantz Pro Voice Rover - Frequently Asked Questions

VoiceRoverThe Marantz Professional Voice Rover is a compact, easily-transportable AC/battery-powered PA system that solves—for the first time—your dilemma of how to deliver true professional-grade sound reinforcement to an outdoor event or large interior space when there is no access to AC power. This article discusses some of the common questions on the Voice Rover's features and functionality.

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