Alesis DM7X Kit - Frequently Asked Questions

alesis dm7xkit main3The DM7X Kit is the perfect choice for any electronic percussionist, whether you’re just starting out, or looking to upgrade to a higher-quality kit with a professional module.  This kit features ultra-quiet rubber drum and cymbal pads, a preassembled rack that will have you playing in minutes, a low-noise StealthKick 2 bass triger, and Alesis Pro X Kick bass pedal combo, and an advanced drum module with hundreds of included sounds. For further answers to some frequently asked questions about this product, check out this article!




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Alesis DM7X Session Kit - Frequently Asked Questions

dm7x session kit main5Step up and start drumming with the DM7X Session Kit from Alesis. Packed with premium Alesis sounds and onboard extras, the expandable DM7X module is the heart of your new drumset. Extremely playable pads offer realistic extras such as a dual-zone snare for accurate rimshots, as well as a crash cymbal with choke. The enhanced bass drum system is fast, responsive, and extra-quiet. Sturdy and compact, the all-in-one drum rack features a wide stance with longer feet for improved balance.





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Alesis DM7X Module - Video Walkthrough

dm7x module mainThe Alesis DM7X is a professional quality drum module with a ton of features and it is a great choice for any electronic drummer. Check out this guide and video walkthrough to learn more about the features of the DM7X module.




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